Happy New Year!

Astroturf11 aMODVIPACECRYSTAL posted Jan 6, 19

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We're looking forward to 2019 and all the New Players joining us

Kicking off this year we are adding a Brand Spankin' New cosmetics plugin Check it out with /gmenu main

We've also removed the Christmas crates to make room for Cosmetic crates, use the new keys to unlock cosmetics or Mystery dust, used to buy your choice of cosmetics.

New Years crates are here! Trade in your old extra christmas gear for your chance at the new OP enchanted gear and possibly a free donor rank/upgrade. Trade in a full set of Christmas tools/armor for 2 keys, or both for 5 keys. You can also trade in 5 soaked keys for a New Years key. Keep an eye out for them in spur of the moment event giveaways as well!

To welcome all the new players we're having 20% OFF all Donation Incentives. This includes claim blocks, Donator Ranks, and everything in between.

Think your build looks the bestest? post a picture of it in the Build Pictures forums

Photo taken by BACONBUTT